Xbox One Elite Controller Review

Its time for a review!

Xbox One Elite Controller Review

As of recently I started playing my computer games with an old modded Xbox 360 controller and for the most part I thought the controller I already had was great.. Until I bought the Xbox One Elite Controller. Everything about the Xbox One Elite Controller is well crafted, from the thumbsticks to the adjustable triggers. You can setup custom button mapping for your most played games and you also have a profile switch that allows you to switch back and forth between profiles directly saved on your Xbox One Elite Controller. If your running Windows 10 you can download the Xbox One Accessories app through the Windows App Store, which will allow you to customize the button layout, Xbox Button Brightness, Dead Zones for the triggers and so much more!!

So after spending $24 on a battery and another $20 on the wireless receiver I had a pretty sweet controller for my PC. Most of the games I play are on Steam which allows me to use “Big Picture” which is steams GUI for a PC based console “feel”. It makes navigating the Steam Interface much more intuitive when using a controller.

The first thing I noticed when removing the Xbox One Controller from the protective case is the weight. This controller is heavy! Even though its “heavy” I still have no issues holding this controller for hours at a time.

The rubber texture on the controller feels great and makes those long nights in front of the heavenly glow of your gaming monitor that much more bad ass!

Pros & Cons

  • Smooth Thumb-sticks
  • Custom Button Mapping
  • Easily Interchangeable Thumb-sticks and D-Pad
  • Use Your Own Headphones
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Does Not Come With Rechargeable Battery
  • Does Not Come with Wireless Receiver for PC
  • $150 Price Tag
  • Heavy (due to metal and magnets)
  • Green Sync Button