Quadcopter Safety Tips For Beginners

Hello there, I wanted to share some quick tips that can help you while flying your new Quadcopter.

There are 5 main safety guidelines you should always remember

5 Simple Things To Remember

1. Never fly above 400ft

2. Never fly over crowded areas

3. Never fly in bad weather ( rain, sleet, snow, winds exceeding 15mph )

4. Always fly line of sight

5. Make sure all your equipments is in proper condition. 


There are many tips and safety guidelines to follow when flying any aircraft. But these are some simple tips that you can follow to make sure your flying experience is pleasant not only for you but your aircraft as well.

Before you start to do any FPV flying I recommend getting very comfortable with your aircraft without using FPV equipment and only when your 100% comfortable with flying should you attempt to use FPV gear. Also try to have a spotter with you just to make sure your not flying to close to the trees or other objects.

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