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We can build Quadcopters, Hexacopters, Octacopters, and more. We offer kits, and prebuilt solutions for Aerial Photography, FPV, FPV Racing, and even just for fun! San Antonio Quadcopter Repair Solutions Contact Us
FPV Quadcopter
Fully 3D Printed Quadcopter
Going Over My FPV Gear before flight
 What Are Quadcopters?

“Quadcopter” You hear that name a lot on the news some people wonder what those are since they hear everyone talking about them. Well to answer your questions.. Quadcopters can be used as a tool or resource for Public Safety, Search & Rescue, Fighting Fires, Finding Lost Peoples, Insurance Companies and even Hollywood.

Things Quadcopters Aren’t

  1. Evil
  2. Drones
  3. Mini Terminators

Why Would I Want One?

  • Do you like to fly? Well that is one reason. With these small aircraft you can fly them in your backyard or indoors.
  • Love using your Go Pro? Well buy a Quadcopter and toss your Go Pro and start recording 4k Video
  • Do you own a lot of land? You can use your Quadcopter to inspect your acreage, fence line, animals and even your home. To make sure your roof is in great condition.

I want to have HD Video of my Beautiful Home or Amazing Business

If you want to have beautiful video of your Home, land, business, or capture your Son or Daughters first wedding from a completely different perspective Contact Your Local Experts.

How Much?

Well that depends on what you plan to use your Quadcopter for, Professional Aerial Photography, FPV, FPV Racing, or flying for fun. Most people prefer something with auto-leveling features, and want to run a Go Pro or other camera. Some people want Gimbals, GPS, Telemetry, FPV & Data links added to theirs.

  1. Recreational | $200-$700
  2. FPV Racing | $200-$900
  3. Aerial Photography | $400-$3,000
  4. Land Inspections | $600-$15,000
  5. Ranchers | $400-$3,000
  6. Farm Owners | $400-$3,000


3DR Solo Soaring The Skies!

Cost vs Benefits

You can walk into an Electronics store near your house.. and you’ll see some selling for $30 all the way up too $800! While some of the Quadcopters they sell might be worth that much. How easy is it going to be for you to repair, upgrade, modify and in the end be able to fly or provide great video quality results?

Our Custom Quadcopters that are built here in San Antonio let you replace and upgrade pretty much everything about your Quadcopter. You can upgrade everything from the Propellers to the Flight Controller. If you happen to crash and have to do some in the field repairs with a few simple tools you can be up and running in no time.

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