Amazon Bans Long Time Customers

So I’ve been an Amazon Customer for quite some time now and just recently I was banned from leaving any reviews on their site. I’m not quite sure as to what part of their guidelines I violated and they will not provide answers. I have tried to reach out to several customer service representatives to get additional answers on their decision. I’ve been given their boilerplate response of..

Never so much as an email from Amazon stating that I had been banned, what guidelines I violated or a chance to correct any issues or mistakes. So if you think that you’re valuable as an Amazon customer, this should be evidence that they don’t care about their customers. I’ve been silenced from their platform for writing honest reviews for the people. I have nothing to gain from writing untrue reviews and I tend to always do my research on the products I buy. I never really have anything bad or negative to say in any of my reviews. I try my best to order from Trusted sellers. Also making sure I’m getting exactly what I need before I order it.

Being a source of revenue for Amazon for 10+ years, I’m left with a dilemma on whether I should keep my account active. Or should I close it and use Walmart or eBay?